Phase II: Membership Survey


1.1 What are your present research / project interests?

1.2 Are your research / project initiatives collaborative in nature?
If so, who are your research / project partners?

1.3 What has been your experience in working in a research network at the:
a) national level?
b) regional level?
c) global level?


2.1 What are the benefits of belonging to the Orbicom Network in Communications?

2.2 What contributions can you make to strengthen the Network?

2.3 Regarding your membership in Orbicom: What are the primary responsibilities of:
a) the Unesco Chair holders?
) the Associate Members?

2.4 In order to achieve Orbicom's goals, what actions are relevant for these two membership categories to work together?

2.5 Can you identify issues that would foster collaboration between associate members and chair holders?

2.6 What are the primary responsibilities of Orbicom's Secretariat towards:
a) the members?
b) other international NGO partners?
c) Unesco and other international organizations?

2.7 Does the current Committee structure permit Orbicom to develop a dynamic research agenda that responds to your research / project priorities?
If yes, in what way?
If not, what changes should be made?

2.8 How should Orbicom formulate partnerships and alliances with:
a) Research Institutes / Agencies?
b) Public / Private Sectors?
c) International NGO’s?
d) Multi-lateral organizations?


3.1 Within your current joint initiatives in a networking environment, which of the following alternatives do you prefer to use?
a) Discussion Groups (via e-mail)
b) Electronic Forum (via web sites)
c) Teleconferences
d) Virtual Conferences
e) Collective Publications
f) Others:

3.2 What kind of facilities do you have to participate in a membership wide electronic discussion group? (Briefly describe your capacity: e-mail with attachments, Internet-based chat rooms, etc.).

3.3 Have you already taken part in a virtual conferences via web sites?

3.4 In a networking environment, what are:
a) the advantages that you have experienced?
b) the limits that you have encountered?

3.5 How frequently do you visit Orbicom's Web site?

3.6 Within Orbicom's new web site, what information is most valuable to you?

3.7 What type of information is currently missing?

3.8 What type of information could you contribute to the web site on a regular basis?

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