Norbert Klein
Norbert Klein
Associate and Editor
Open Institute of Cambodia
+855 12 800864

*1962 - 1972 in Japan:
Interfaith Dialogue Center at Doshisha University/Kyoto;
Kansai Seminar House: Social Study and Consultations;
Associate Organizing Secretary: From ãModernization«
to ãDevelopment« in Asia (international conference)

*1972 - 1990 in Germany:
Secretary for international cooperation on services in society
on behalf of Protestant churches in Germany - general support for
social research/social action and communication programs
in countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

1990 to present in Cambodia:
*1990 to 1994: Representative of the Geneva based Lutheran World Service, including responsibility for liaison and cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education, and the Cambodia Red Cross
*1994 to present: staff and Executive Committee member of the
Open Forum of Cambodia, a Cambodian NGO.
*1994 established first connection to the Internet from Cambodia
*1996 established and administered the country domain .kh (until 1998)
*At present emphasis is on Mailing Lists for social communication, participation in the Khmer script standardization efforts of the Cambodian
Government, and use of the Khmer script in communication applications.
*1997 start of weekly press reviews of the Khmer language press The Mirror (in English) and Kanychok Sangkum (in Khmer)

*Since 2002 Advisor to the Director, and continuing as Editor of the weekly
press reviews (editorials).

*Since 2007, Associate of the Open Institute, Editor of The Mirror: Regular Reports and Comments from Cambodia: