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Prof. Antonio Sànchez-Bravo
Cátedra UNESCO Jean Monnet
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1996-1998 TERM
1996 International seminar: Communication and Development.

Regional seminar: Technology and Communication, Sevilla, 1997.

Development of ALFA Program of the Madrid UNESCO Chair.

Publication of a collection on the theme Communication and Development.

Ph.D. program organized jointly by the Madrid Chair and Madrid's Universidad Complutense, with the Faculties of Information of Sevilla and Salamanca.

1994-1995 TERM

International seminar: Communication and Development., November 1994.

Regional seminar: Globalization and Communication, 1995.

Creation of a task force on communication associating the National Commission of UNESCO in Spain, the Universidad Complutense, and the UNESCO Chair in Communication.

Ph.D. Program: Organized jointly by the Chair and the Madrid Faculty of Diplomacy.



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